We’re proud to deliver training that leaves participants energised and raring to implement their learning. Our programmes are designed in line with accelerated learning principles – expect creativity, choice, and a focus on application.

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If it’s possible in the world, then it’s possible for you, as the saying goes. We like to think of coaching as conversation with focus – we want to hear where you’re coming from and where you want to go. We balance challenge and support to help people move forward.

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Derived from the latin for ‘easy’ (‘facilis’), facilitation from Green Door is all about helping make your life easier. Experienced in co-ordinating activities for groups large and small, we’ll take the strain and bring boundless energy to your event.

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some of our clients…

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At Green Door, we believe that inspirational people development has the power to shape great organisations and fuel their success. We’re passionate about delivering innovative training, transformative coaching and high-impact events. Whether in-house or open-events, we love delivering training that packs a punch – our approach is vibrant and fun, but underpinned by hard-headed science about how people learn best. Not to mention a laser-like focus on what difference it’ll make. As coaches, our team is comprised of some seriously curious people who love to ask questions and really listen to the answers. We balance challenge and support to help people move forward. Drawing on a deep seam of experience, our team of facilitators can also provide rich and interesting team development days, networking events and conference sessions.

what our clients have to say

Green Door were able to design and deliver training bespoke to our needs. All our delegates gave incredibly positive feedback about the way in which the training was delivered as well as the content of the sessions. Senior management have also seen a definite return on investment.

Rebekah Woodward, Elemis

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