There’s a pleasing symmetry that the process of setting up our business has been all about learning: from the fun bits like web-design, to the ever so slightly duller areas of taxation and accounting.  The whole process has generated the kind of ‘tingly fear’ that we associate with trying something new – in short, it’s really exciting!

It reminds me of an episode of Friends where Rachel has been offered a job in Paris, which she describes as ‘scary….but good scary’, and I can relate to that…unlike her eventual decision to stay with Ross and his many, many tubs of hair gel.

So Green Door is my new adventure.  I probably need to reference something a little more high-brow than 90’s sitcoms, so I caught up on a great Radio 4 show as recommended by the amazing Kim Hare of Kaizen Training.  “The Digital Human” discussed how technology is making it harder for us to experience two potentially ‘good scary’ things: occasionally getting lost, and properly disconnecting, at least for a while, from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

During the programme they interviewed Andrew Forsthoefel.  He’s spent many years walking his way across the USA, from sprawling cities to deserted landscapes.  When asked what he’d learned during his 4000-mile walk, he identified the following three things:

1.  There’s nothing to be afraid of

2.  You know exactly what to do

3.  Keep walking

What a great way to be – open to the new; fearless; resourceful.  So, I’m going to take Andrew’s advice, and just keep walking: through my green front door and see what’s out there….

If you’re reading this blog, and you’ve stuck with it long enough to get to this bit: thank you for being interested in our shiny new company.  I also need to thank everyone who’s encouraged us and contributed to the launch of the business – you know who you are, so no need to go all ‘Gwyneth Paltrow’ on you.

It’s much easier to keep walking when you have great people with you.  Our call to action:

–  What are your dreams that give you the ‘good-scary’ feeling?

–  What small steps can you take towards them?

–  Could we help you or your organisation to realise this change? Knock on our freshly-painted green door and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!