If we’re lucky, in the course of our careers and life in general, there will be people along the way who believe in us, or offer us opportunities to move forwards. They probably don’t realise it, but in doing so they can change the course of our lives.

Jo recently recommended a great Radio 4 programme on imposter syndrome (well worth a listen – I especially like the idea of the ‘Fraud Police’). At times in life where we need to be brave, take a risk and challenge ourselves, having someone in our corner saying: ‘you can do it’ can provide the gentle push we need to take a first step. These people can help us to silence our inner critic, or at least quieten it.

I recently had the pleasure of delivering a coaching course on behalf of the National Trust, in beautiful Wiltshire countryside, for some wonderful people.

The group was sharing insights about what makes a great coach or mentor. Everyone could think of someone who embodies this and one participant, a former teacher now semi-retired, actually got quite emotional remembering someone who had mentored her early in her career.

We love supporting people to explore and hone their coaching skills, which generally involves ‘turning up the volume’ on positive traits we already possess: actively listening; being curious; asking questions.

I also think that positive intent and a belief in others’ resourcefulness is equally important.

What struck me was that we all have the capability to be that life-changing person for someone else. When I stopped to consider this, I realised how incredibly lucky I’ve been to have so many of these generous people in my life; it was quite a gratitude-list! I’ll spare you the blub-fest here.

  • Who’s support has made the difference in your life – professionally or in general? Do they know?
  • Where can and do you make the difference for someone else?

Let us know if we can help you or your organisation to unlock your potential via bespoke training, team facilitation or coaching – we’d love to help. For further resources on coaching, moving forwards, and other useful stuff , check out our resources page or drop us a line.