This month Green Door has been up and running for six years. I’m amazed when I stop and think about that. The journey’s been hard work, but also ridiculously good fun, and the facilitator in me has been reflecting on what I’ve learned. So here are six insights from the last six years…and I wonder how much they ring true for other independent business owners?

1. Just try

The absolute best things I’ve done along the way have been the most left-field opportunities or the things that have made me truly nervous. Always better to try and wobble a bit, than regret what could have been.

2. Know your worth

This has been a personal toughie…. actually stating what I think my expertise, time and product is worth has been hard. Thanks to great advice and many, many tenders later, the mantra of ‘value yourself or no one else will’ seems to have finally sunk in!

3. Be generous

….with time, with ideas, with energy, with coffee. Having the freedom to support others has been wonderful and it’s lead to opportunities to learn from the most fantastic people.

4. Invest

Another great freedom! As well as working with amazing creative and professional partners to build websites, manage accounts, host events, etc., I’ve also loved making my own choices about how to invest in my own skills and knowledge. Although, I now have a serious book ‘habit’.

5. Keep your head up

Horizon-scanning and remembering to look up from the day-to-day work is essential for all of us. For me, it’s when I connect with others, network and look ahead that I find inspiration and what’s next.

6. Don’t panic

…when the bookings diary is a little sparse – remembering that peaks and troughs in demand are part of the deal, and maybe just to enjoy a breather before it gets busy again!

If you’ve followed alongside and supported us on our journey, thank you so much, and here’s to the next six years!

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