Hale Events

Aim: To enhance productivity, communication and team-working across the business.

We delivered: A bespoke team development workshop covering: personal style and strengths; team feedback and productivity techniques.

How we did it: By designing a range of interactive group exercises, with plenty of time for individual reflection and planning to ensure implementation of actions and new ways of working.

Our client said: It was very enjoyable, and the day flew by – everyone from Hale Events took some useful knowledge and insight away with them. As company owner I like anything that helps efficiencies, so the sections covering: prioritisation, scheduling, efficiencies, and email management for me were most interesting. I enjoyed the personality and working styles/preferences too, as it helps understand why certain people either do or don’t do tasks willingly and quickly. Members of the team also took away some great insights into their colleagues styles of communication and learning, which really helps everyone work together harmoniously