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Whether in-house or open-events, we love delivering training that packs a punch – our approach is vibrant and fun, but underpinned by hard-headed science about how people learn best. Not to mention a laser-like focus on what difference it’ll make.

Our programmes are designed and delivered with a commitment to accelerated learning principles – expect creativity, choice, and a focus on application. Choice is central to how we work. Everyone learns differently, so our delivery and content will always be dynamic and varied. Like magpies, we’ll seek out glittering nuggets of techniques, research and ideas in order to produce learning materials that will be useful long after the training ends.

In-house training and programmes

Working with us starts with a conversation about what you need to achieve – we want to understand your people, your challenges and your view of the world. Once we know how we can help, we’ll generate ideas and build people development solutions that are bespoke for you and your organisation. Then we’ll deliver amazing programmes with lasting impact, spring-boarding change you can see, hear and feel.

Open Courses and Events

Our open course and events are designed to offer a smorgasbord of ideas, techniques and skills…and proper time and space to decide how you will use them. Environment is key, and we always use amazing venues as the backdrop to inspirational days. Using interactive experiences and resources, our events are full of colour and energy, leaving you feeling ready for action and confident in your next steps.

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We also believe that it’s crucial to help people focus on what is different as a result of their learning and what they need to do next. So we always craft effective review and planning activity to ensure everything gets applied back at the ranch. Although not limited to the following, here is a flavour of the kind of skills-based training we deliver: leadership and management development; communication skills; personal effectiveness and productivity; influencing and negotiation; performance management; presentation and facilitation skills.